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Organic Helichrysum Oil

Organic Helichrysum Oil

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Here is organic Helichrysum flower infused oil. Helichrysum flowers have anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties which make it extremely beneficial to skin. Helichrysum oil is widely used in wound healing, soothing inflammation, reducing joint muscle pain.​This is a versatile all-purpose botanical oil for our various skin needs.

- BODY OIL: Use this Helichrysum oil as a hydration body oil to nourish and regenerate any dry skin area.
- HEALING OIL: A skin healing oil for damaged, troubled skin condition like Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis or any irritations.
- SOOTHING MASSAGE OIL: Use it to soothe the sore tired muscle, relief any minor pain.
- NAIL OIL: Use it to restore and moisturizing nail and cuticle to provide instant nourishment.
| All Natural | Chemical Free | Paraben Free | Animal Cruelty-Free |

❤ SIZE: It is packed in 1/3 oz glass roller or 2 OZ amber glass bottle.
❤ INGREDIENTS: Organic Helichrysum, Organic Sunflower Oil, Helichrysum Essential Oil, Vitamine E Oil

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