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Moon Time Cramp Ease Oil

Moon Time Cramp Ease Oil

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Moon Time Ease Oil is for cramping, soreness, and pain from the menstrual cycle. We have particularly incorporated Ginger, Crampbark, and Mugwort, since these warming, toning, antispasmodics herbs are especially beneficial for this time of the month.

Moon Time Ease Oil is carefully handmade in small batches first started with low heat infusion of the ginger, Crampbark, and Mugwort into the olive oil for ten days. This lengthy process ensured the full extraction of the herbs, also creating this beautiful amber-golden colored oil. Then added Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil to complete this Moon Time Ease Oil. These toning, warming herbal allies will support the relieving cramping, soreness, relaxing tension, and soothing discomfort during your menstrual period.

◆DIRECTIONS: Pour the Moon Time Ease Oil in your hand, gently massage into your abdominal area until well absorbed, and cover with warmth afterward. Apply two to four times a day or as needed.
◆SIZE: In 2oz amber glass bottle.

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